Singing Beach (HERE Arts Center/Theatre 167)

“Mr. Milligan, Ms. Beirnard and Mr. Weiss are all standouts in their roles.”

—Times Square Chronicles

“Director Ari Laura Kreith and her actors...execute the script’s leaps, back and forth between two worlds, swiftly and efficiently. This Theatre 167 presentation features seven appealing actors, with effective doubling by Beirnard, Hill, Keller, and Weiss."

— Off Off Online

End of Summer (Metropolitan Playhouse)

“The uniformly excellent cast brings out the depth in these characters. Of special note...Erin Beirnard as Leonie gives us a three-dimensional character that never seems shallow, even though she's a rich lady who's been isolated from the harsh realities of life. Any changes she undergoes seem natural and never forced."

—Barry Liebmann, Hi! Drama

“This is an urbane, delightful comedy of manners...Erin Beirnard, as Leonie, conveyed both the delicacy of her place in society and the steel of her determination."

Eyes on World Cultures

O'Neill (Unexpected) (Metropolitan Playhouse)

“Packs real power...the intensity of the young writer is palpable...The first play stands well enough on its own, as Ms. Beirnard conveys a fleeting hope for the future...”

New York Times

“Mildred Baldwin (played by Erin Beirnard) is a bird in a gilded cage, nearly driven mad by her capture. Ms. Beirnard brilliantly takes on an almost transparent, haunted look that conveys as much as the script...”

Eyes on World Cultures

“Unexpected to be sure...sly...snappy...clever.”

Huffington Post

“Erin Beirnard played the adulterous wife with a perfect sense of her class and situation and was thoroughly convincing in dialogue with her lover...This was a superb cast.”

New York Arts

Collaborators (Storm Theatre)

“To me the standout performance is that of Erin Beirnard as Yelena. She has a lovely, creamy quality and a patient calm that holds its own against the flurry of activity around her. Her focus draws you into her performance. ”

Front Page Center

“...a trio of wonderful actors in the leads as Mikhail (Brian J. Carter), his wife Yelena (Erin Beirnard) and Joseph Stalin (Ross DeGraw)...”

What's On Off-Broadway

“Erin Beirnard does a lovely job in her role of Yelena...She is truly believable as the loving, concerned wife of Bulgakov.”

Off Off Online

“Rounding out the strong performances were Erin Beirnard as Bulgakov’s loyal-to-a-fault wife Yelena...”

Theater in the Now

“Yelena Bulgakova (Erin Beirnard), the wife of the protagonist, acts as both Bulgakov’s motivation and his conscience, and her joy and pain as the play progresses underscore...Bulgakov’s slide into collaboration.”

NY Theatre Guide


Not Now, Darling (Bickford Theatre)

“Erin Beirnard, as Janie McMichael, Bodley's mercenary mistress, shows a fine talent for comedy even in all forms of undress.”
The Examiner

"As the saucy blonde bombshell mistress Janie McMichael, Erin Beirnard is lusciously sexy, especially when wrapped in a fur coat—and not much else!”
NJ Arts Maven


The Roaring Girl (Everyday Inferno)

“Most compelling among the secondary characters is Mistress Gallipot (Erin Beirnard), the wife of the local tobacconist. Her swindling at the hands of lothario Laxton (Joel DeCandio) is played to hilarity in a scene where she requests audience assistance in interpreting a nonsensical love letter from her money-seeking suitor. Beirnard easily transitions from wistfulness to craftiness and ultimately to disappointment as Gallipot finds herself a pawn in Laxton’s ongoing game.”
- Theater Pizzazz

"Even more poignant [is] Mistress Gallipot (the lovely Erin Beirnard)...”
NY Theatre Wire


The Tidings Brought to Mary (Storm Theatre)

“Erin Beirnard does especially well as Violaine…”
-Leonard Jacobs, Backstage

“Erin Beirnard, with her melodious voice, is a standout…”
-Shari Parkins,

“[E]xpertly performed…Beirnard is especially memorable in the second part of the play, conveying Violaine’s extraordinary goodness…without affect or comment.”
-Martin Denton,

“In particular, Erin Beirnard brings a humanizing vulnerability to the role of the saintly Violaine.”
-J.B. Spins, On Stage


The Satin Slipper (Storm Theatre)

“Erin Beirnard, who had the lead in Storm Theatre’s first Claudel show, The Tidings Brought to Mary, has three lovely cameos…”
-Martin Denton,

“Erin Beirnard…navigates her way through multiple roles as Dona Musica, The Moon and The Gleaner Nun with appealing sincerity and ease.”
-Monica R. Wiegel, First Things Online


As You Like It (Storm Theatre)

“Erin Beirnard’s Rosalind is wistful and brave, and appealingly girly despite her boyish disguise…a truly delightful theatrical experience.”
-Monica R. Wiegel, First Things Online

“This company instinctively knows that Shakespeare doesn’t have to be a formal ordeal but can be done effectively with sincerity and conviction…the major role of Rosalind is intelligently acted by Erin Beirnard.”
-Deidre Donovan,


The Crucible (Pittsburgh Public Theater)

"Also impressive [is]...Erin Beirnard's childish, unsettling Mary Warren."

-Richard E. Rauh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette