Erin Beirnard


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Height: 5’6”                   Weight: 125                  Hair: Blonde                  Eyes: Blue                     Voice: Alto



Singing Beach                                  Merrie/Miss Blake       HERE Arts Center/Theatre 167, Ari Laura Kreith, dir.

The Climbers                                    Blanche                        Metropolitan Playhouse, Michael Hardart, dir.

End of Summer                                 Leonie                         Metropolitan Playhouse, Alexander Harrington, dir.

Recklessness                                    Mildred                        Metropolitan Playhouse, Alex Roe, dir.

Collaborators                                    Yelena                        Storm Theatre, Peter Dobbins, dir.

As You Like It                                   Rosalind                        Storm Theatre; Peter Dobbins, dir.

The Tidings Brought to Mary         Violaine                        Storm Theatre; Peter Dobbins, dir.

Our God’s Brother                           Madame Helena          Storm Theatre; Peter Dobbins, dir.

The Satin Slipper                             Doña Musica                Storm Theatre; Peter Dobbins, dir.

Sweet Bird of Youth                         Heavenly                     Gallery Players; Jesse Marchese, dir.

The Merchant of Venice                  Portia                           Gallery Players; Mark Harborth, dir.

Hamlet                                              Ophelia                         Folding Chair Theatre; Marcus Geduld, dir.

Midsummer Night’s Dream            Helena/Hermia             Folding Chair Theatre; Marcus Geduld, dir.

Wasted                                              Carmen                         Irondale Ensemble Project; Jim Niesen, dir.

Outside the Law                               Celia                             Irondale Ensemble Project; Jim Niesen, dir.

The Roaring Girl                               Mistress Gallipot          Everyday Inferno; Anais Koivisto, dir.

A Month in the Country                   Natalya                         Morningside Players; Susanna Frazer, dir.



The Crucible                                     Mary Warren                Pittsburgh Public Theatre; Timothy Douglas, dir.

Seussentennial Imagination Tour   Lead female                Random House/Irondale; Jim Niesen, dir.

Not Now, Darling                              Janie                            Bickford Theatre, Eric Hafen, dir.



Graduate Degree, Acting                           London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)

Scene Study                                                Larry Moss, Karl Bury

Voice                                                            Patsy Rodenburg, Barbara Maier (singing), Linda Carroll       

Shakespeare                                               Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (professional course)

B.A., Humanities                                         Yale University



Improvisation, Theatre Games, Dialects (RP, Irish, Scottish, French, German, American Southern, American Midwestern, Brooklyn), Drama Teaching, Puppetry, Voiceover, Historical Dance